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IBM Build-a-BotChallenge

Automation for the Common Good

Dec. 15 - Jan. 31

$20,000 Prize Pool

The IBM Build-a-Bot Challenge is accompanied by a $20,000 prize pool with multiple ways for participants to win: 

Grand Prize Winner


Second Place Winner


Third Place Winner


Best Use of Technology


Most Innovative Project


Best Team Spirit (Be creative!)


*Teams can only win one prize. Prizes are to be equally divided among team members unless otherwise specified. A team cannot have more than 5 participants total. 


Challenge Track #1

Best IBM RPA Solution for Social Good

Join the fight against the most pressing global issues of our time while building your development skills. Can RPA bring about meaningful change for the betterment of society? In this challenge track, we're challenging you and your team to learn the IBM RPA toolset, decide on a problem to tackle, bring your best ideas and show what it can do.
How can we:• Identify a strong social good use case for RPA?• Use it to solve a pressing social issue of the day?
Examples:• RPA bot for patient registration and appointments• RPA bot to verify vaccination status for a reservation• RPA bot to create a bank of coupons for people in need to redeem for food

Challenge Track #2

Best IBM RPA Solution to Solve a Client Need

We've learned that IBM Business Partners can use their expertise to quickly master a new tool such as RPA and help their clients in banking, healthcare, retail, and many other industries to build RPA solutions based on real-world challenges that those organizations are facing today. In this Business Partner challenge, use IBM RPA and other tools/systems to develop a new solution for one of your clients. While not required (clients may remain anonymous) we encourage you to co-create with your clients!
How can we:• Find inefficiencies and customer challenges that are a good candidate for automation?• Co-create a new solution using IBM RPA?
Examples:• RPA bots to manage the distribution supply chain for retailers• RPA bot with orchestration to manage customer retention and increase satisfaction

Challenge Track #3

Best IBM RPA Solution to Improve a Workplace Problem

Anyone working in a business environment is familiar with those redundant tasks that require a lot of effort without adding much value. They can often seem like a part time job. IBM RPA is here to help!
How can we:• Identify a strong use case for RPA?• Use it to save our workplace time, money, or both?
Examples:• RPA bot with intelligent capture to submit your expenses• RPA bot to automate the process of data analysis and cleaning• RPA bot to automate new employee onboarding process

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